Chopping Down Even a Few Trees Can Affect the Climate


It is common knowledge that deforestation, that is cutting down a vast amount of trees can affect the climate in a critical way. But, does cutting down a few trees affect the climate? An innovative study led by Xuhui Lee and his colleagues from the Yale University, USA, shows that even chopping down trees of a small area (few hectares acres or even less) can cause a striking change in the environment.

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Xuhui Lee and his colleagues were the peers who thought of this interesting concept firsthand. They paired up some forest flux stations and recorded the air temperature and the gases which were present there. Then they did the same with nearby weather stations situated in open lands. These locations include 40 from South and North America and 12 from East Asia. When they compared the temperature from the weather stations and also the forex flux stations, they were effective in assessing the effect of small scale deforestation. Their study was published in the Environmental Research Letters (ERL).


The crew found out that small scale deforestation does indeed have an effect on the climate. In their study, they also found out that small scale deforestation had greater warming effects in the tropics (between 10�S and 10�N) than in the regions lying in higher latitudes. When around 35�N or S, this phenomenon turns into a cooling effect. In Eas Asia, the cooling effect in the higher altitude was not as strong as it was in the Americas. At the tropical and sub tropical regions, the warming effect causes a warming of higher than 0.5�� and in the boreal regions, the cooling effect is of nearly 1�� in the daily temperature!


The effect of deforestation on the climate depends on the latitude of the region. It causes warming in the tropics and cooling at the boreal regions. This shift of warming and cooling takes place at 35� N or S. The warming when trees are cut at the tropics and lower latitudes are because of the loss of evapotranspiration. And the cooling at higher altitudes is caused by the albedo or the reflectiveness caused by the surface when trees are absent, notably in the snowy regions. The reason why the former effect (cooling at higher altitudes) is significantly smaller in the East Asian region than the Americas is because of the low snow accumulation in this region. This study also shows that planting trees at certain region (like Northern Europe and Northern Canada) can actually lead to warming!

What this study really proved is the fact that even preserving a tree can be very valuable to the environment. Everything makes a difference!

Stump Grinding And Tree Removal

At some point in many homeowners’ lives, they may find themselves having to deal with some type of lawn or tree issue that they have no idea how to tackle.

There are several issues that can arise that will create the need to have a tree removed. A big reason to tear down a tree is if the tree is overwrought with disease. This can cause safety hazards and can also make the tree harbor unwanted pests and insects. Another reason for tree removal would be if a tree has grown in a manner that is going to obstruct your home in some way if not dealt with. The tree could be tilting towards your home or a neighbor’s home or it could be already hanging too close to your roof or other structure. A leaning tree is a great candidate for tree removal if it is in danger of falling down completely.

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Another reason to employ  is if a tree has been damaged due to wind or bad weather conditions. It could potentially be dangerous to leave a damaged tree in a position in which it can pose a safety threat to people. Another really big reason that you may need a tree removed is if the plant’s roots have grown into areas of the home’s foundation or structure. This should also be dealt with post haste as expanding roots can cause settling problems and can actually threaten the integrity of the home. You can avoid the hassle of these common issues by calling us to come out and assess the situation as soon as possible.

We are always happy to give you a free estimate on complete tree removal service as well as any other services you may be in need of. We have all of the proper equipment to perform large or small jobs and we always make sure to clean up branches and debris when we are done. Once the tree has been removed, we can also grind the stump as well to complete the process.

Stump grinding is a service that should definitely be left to professionals. If you have had a tree cut down or perhaps even inherited an ugly stump when you purchased your house, help is a phone call away. Many homeowners either ignore a tree stump that may be an eyesore – or they try to get rid of it themselves. Taking on a task like this can have some consequences if not handled correctly.

Fungus overgrowth

Unfortunately, a dead tree stump can be a home for numerous unsavory growths and fungus. The longer a tree stump sits it will begin to deteriorate and rot away. This deterioration coupled with hot or humid weather conditions can cause bacteria and types of fungus to grow within the stump and around it as well. If you hire our company to perform your stump grinding, we can eradicate the issue, so you can avoid a fungal overgrowth that may affect neighboring parts of your lawn or landscaping.

Parasite infestation

Just like with a fungus issue, foregoing stump grinding can lead to an invasion of a different kind. Dead trees not only attract unwanted plant growths, they also can be infested by a number of different parasites and insects. One big concern could be a termite infestation that may eventually find its way to your home. The simple fix for this is to give us a quick call and we can get rid of the stump quickly and at an inexpensive price.

Safety hazards

If you have a family, then that is one of the most important reasons to hire us for your stump grinding job. Children like to play outdoors and something like a dead tree stump can make your kids imaginations run wild. While your children may see it as something fun to play on, a decaying stump can cause safety hazards, with a child tripping or falling through a rotted portion of the stump. Your family should also not be exposed to the different types of potentially harmful insects that may call the stump home.